West Paw Design

  • Drupal Commerce
  • Redis
  • Solr

A natural fit

West Paw Design is a very unique company, a Made in the USA manufacturer of eco-friendly pet toys! We have been working with West Paw since 2009, and have built multiple generations of their site.

Unique Challenges

West Paw places an extremely high priority on their customer experience, with generous return/repair policies, and a strong emphasis on customer education. Their website has to provide lots of useful information to customers without being overwhelming, and also be fast and easy for their extensive dealer network to use for product restocking. Additionally, they needed a great deal of visual flexibility to allow them to easily build many diffent page layouts, without requiring any coding to do so. Finally, they have a custom backend system in FileMaker, which the site needed to interface with in order to syncronize various pieces of information with the site, and to enable order processing.

A Unique Solution

Drupal Commerce in conjunction with an extensive set of other modules such as Panelizer allowed us to build a very flexible front-end layout tool that allows West Paw staff to build pages from a brand-specific toolkit. This allows them to easily create many different page layouts, all based on the same modules that were specified by their design consultants. The result is a visually engaging site with extensive variety, which helps the visitor remain engaged.

We also constructed a custom integration pipeline for FileMaker that syncronizes various types of information, freeing their staff from tedious data entry, and guaranteeing consistency across their enterprise. Extensively tested via Simpletest, this framework has allowed us to easily add further points of integration as needed.

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